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A wonderful day in every way

Good morning, Stephen,

My apologies for not writing sooner to thank you — again — for yesterday. It was a wonderful day in every way - even the weather cooperated. It has been an emotional time for me and my family and though I did hardly any walking yesterday, I was exhausted and went to bed fairly quickly.

I know some jobs — like yours — require people to act interested and/or be chatty with their clients, but I felt as if you genuinely enjoyed showing me around, sharing so much history with me and listening to some of my stories. The best kind of job to have is one that doesn’t feel like a job and as I said in the car, it is obvious you love what you do, love the area and are proud to be a resident.

Betsy Dye

Grand Tour of Yorkshire over 5 days

“The tour was jam packed with great sites of nature and points of interest and history.

We feel we have seen and had time to enjoy the best of Yorkshire, we would like to return.

Our Guide Steve was very knowledgeable and conversant, also he was very mindful of your comfort and special needs, he aims to please.”

“This was an outstanding tour with a superb guide.”

Mr and Mrs Philpot, USA, May 2017, in the UK for 12 days

Grand Tour of Yorkshire over 5 days

“Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, our guide Steve checked what our interests were and catered for them”

“Everything was 100% - guide, accommodation, experience. We saw a good balance of history, culture and geography”

“Steve, many thanks for a very enjoyable and informative Tour”

Betty Cleveland, Australia, May 2017 May 2017, in the UK for 14 days

“Many thanks for the beautiful birthday card and the wonderful trip you provided for me and Rachel yesterday. We’ll always be grateful for your knowledge and expertise on the road and on the tours. We also enjoyed learning much more about the Yorkshire region, the people who live there, and the changing economies. You are so excellent at what you do! We hope you did not get home too late last night and that today was a good day despite the rain. Also, you’re right: 50 is just a number. And I’ve had a lovely birthday! I look forward to returning to Yorkshire some day!”

Warmest regards, Karen

“I appreciate all of your tour and was able to tour the Royal Bath, get a bite at Betty's and visit Farrah's sweet shop before I left.”

“I was touched when I browsed the York Passport you provided. In my father's old age he spoke from childhood and used the expression " Fair to middlin" a lot when asked how he was. Now I know it was probably handed down from Follifoot!”

“I had a thought on the Follifoot postcard you obtained for me. It would be nice if you could mail it to me at;”

41 Mason Terrace, Thank-you again, Lyle

Castle Howard
Flamborough Head
The Atlas Fountain
West Tanfield Yorkshire Dales
Whitby Abbey
Whitby Harbour
World Heritage Site- Fountains Abbey
York Minster