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West of York: From Your hotel in York we take the A19 North to Thirsk, this is James Herriot country! Under the gaze of the White Horse of Kilburn is where James Herriot worked as a vet from the 40s to the 70s. we head through the village with the longest name in England, up the country’s 3 rd steepest hill for a spectacular view of Yorkshire!

With more tales of Thoroughbred horses, the mouse man, the origins of “Downton Abbey” we make our way into the award-winning market town of Helmsley. More stories of a famous poet and a very energetic vicar as drive up to Rievaulx Abbey. A nice connection with York Minster here. Return to Helmsley for a lunch stop, 11 independent cafes to choose from!

Afternoon Our next stop after Helmsley will be Hovingham, and the story of a Royal Wedding! This sets the scene nicely for the highlight of the day… Castle Howard! We drive down the 5-mile avenue of Beech and Lime trees before spending a couple of hours in the house and grounds of this 18thC Baroque Masterpiece. From here it is short drive back into York.

East of York: From York, we take the A1M and drive North on the same route as the Romans, who called it Ermine street. Our first stop will be Richmond, with its fine castle and largest cobbled market square in the country. It also has the oldest Georgian theater in England.

Our drive from here takes us up the most rugged of The Yorkshire Dales, Swaledale, following the fastest running river in the country, the River Swale. This dale is also lead mining country, with stories connecting families in Iowa, USA. The highlight of today’s tour is the climb out of this dale over Buttertubs Pass and down into the wider, more agricultural dale of Wensleydale. Enjoy the scenery as I tell you stories of a TV presenter, why this dale is not named after the river and its most famous product…Cheese! Lunch stop at Hawes Creamery

Afternoon drive down through Wensleydale, listening to stories of the TV series “All Creatures Great and Small” looking at “Skeldale House” and “the Drovers Arms” more royal history at Castle Bolton where Mary Queen of Scots was first imprisoned in July 1568. Our drive continues through Leyburn, Jervaulx (ice cream anyone?) the racehorse center of Yorkshire, Middleham.

Haworth and The Brontes: From York, we drive South West along an old Roman road, a 1 st century way of communication, this connects with Menwith Hill, a 21 st century way of communication! Our route takes over open moorland before the millstone grit scenery of the Pennines. We climb out of Keighley to Haworth, and the Bronte Parsonage, where Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte created their novels. The background to their story is based around the environment they grew up in, heading to the moors and avoiding the filth and squalor of Haworth in the 1830s.

I will tell you about Branwell, his 200 the anniversary in 2017. But the strongest of them all is Patrick Bronte, his journey from Ireland to St Johns College, Cambridge and eventually to Haworth. A short walk to feel what it must have been like to walk every day in this wild and desolate moorland, and a look at the location of the film “to walk invisible” our return journey will include the town of Ilkley, with stories of Charles Darwin and Jimi Hendrix, all in the same street! About an hour’s drive back to York from Here.


YORK AND THE MINSTER:We start with one building that dominates the skyline of York, York Minster, the Largest Gothic cathedral North of the Alps! We will spend around an hour here gazing at the windows and the sheer scale of the nave. This wonderful building has survived 3 fires, 2 world wars and a civil war.


YORK CENTRE: “the history of York is the history of England itself!” so said George 5 the in 1923. Romans, Vikings, Normans have left their mark here. For about 90 mins let me show you the best parts and tell you stories of its turbulent history. All on level ground with plenty of cafes/bars/restaurants to stop and carry on later if you so wish.

HARROGATE TOWN CENTRE “A citadel famous for its springs” a complete Victorian town dedicated to water therapy! Underneath Harrogate are 88 sulfur springs, all are slightly different in their composition. From the center of Harrogate, called Low Harrogate, we shall explore the grandeur of the lifestyle that the late Victorians/early Edwardians enjoyed here, Promenading along the Stray with their parasols!

With tales of spring theft, the famous Bettys story, the Royal Hall and not forgetting the largest manhunt in the country, looking for Agatha Christie! Around 70 minutes or extend to 90 mins walking time to include the original spring discovered by William Slingsby in 1571. One small hill to walk up.

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