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The Ancient City of York

"The history of York is the history of England"
So said King George the 6th on his visit to York in 1923

Join Me and find out why the Romans chose to build their fort here. Discover what happened when the Romans left in 410AD (and which religious figure gave us the "anno domini" suffix?)

I offer 3 walks, covering all the facts and interesting stories that have made this great city what it is today, A living breathing monument to the history of England!

The Beginnings walk.

From the Romans to the end of the Medieval period (1485, end of the Plantagenets) this tour will cover mainly the Northern Half of York, including the Minster, museum gardens and Castle Area.

The Middle to Modern walk.

This involves walking along the walls to get some great views of York as a whole city, covering the civil war, the Georgian influence, railways and the development of a certain brown substance we all know and love (chocolate!)

The People who made York walk.

From the Minster, we start with Archbishop Walter de Grey the man with the vision (and wealth) to create the largest gothic cathedral north of the Alps. We will then follow in the footsteps of people like George Hudson, the man who brought the Railways to York. We will discover how the Terry and Rowntree families made their fortune as well as the lesser known people like John Carr, one of Yorks great architects and builders.

Walks Only £10 per head (I will meet you at your hotel, at a time that is convenient to you)

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Castle Howard
Flamborough Head
The Atlas Fountain
West Tanfield Yorkshire Dales
Whitby Abbey
Whitby Harbour
World Heritage Site- Fountains Abbey
York Minster